May 5, 2012
Maperitive: Walking Papers-Like Script

The latest Maperitive 2.0 beta release comes with a new script which can generate a grid of bitmap exports similar to walking papers. The added value is that you can do walking papers for your own vector data and map styles, not just prerendered web tiles.

How To Use

A brief description of how to generate your own walking papers exports.

1. Define Map Area

In Maperitive, place printing bounds on the map area you’re interested in. The printing bounds do not have to match the dimensions of standard paper sizes.

I choose the center of Ljubljana for this sample:

2. Set Export Parameters

There are a few settings in the Samples/Python/ script which you can use to control the exporting process (see the detailed instructions in the script itself):

  • map scale: this is the map scale for individual exported page. I choose 10,000, which in my case will result in a 2x3 pages grid.
  • paper size and orientation: you can leave the default A4 landscape, if you like.
  • paper margins: the default is 5 mm on each side of the page.
  • page overlap: this is a factor (from 0 to 0.25) which tells Maperitive how much adjacent pages should overlap. 0.25 means 1/4 of the page (on each side) will overlap. The default set in the script is 0.1 (10%).

3. Run The Script

… either by drag & dropping it into Maperitive or by executing

 run-python Samples/Python/

Sample Results

Here’s one of the exported pages:

Future Improvements

You will be able to supply command-line parameters to these kinds of scripts in the future, so manual editing of the script before running it will no longer be necessary.

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